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State of California

Govenor Gavin Newsom (D)
Lieutenant Govenor Eleni Kounalakis (D)
Secretary of State Dr. Shirley N. Weber (D)
Attorney General Rob Bondat (D)
State Controller Betty Yee (D)
State Treasurer Fiona Ma (D)
Senator Dianne Feinstein (D)
Senator Alex Padilla (D)
Congressional Representative Jared Huffman (D)
Congressional Representative Mike Thompson (D)
State Assembly Representative Cecilia Aguilar-Curry (D)
State Assembly Representative Jim Wood (D)
State Senate Representaive Mike  McGuire(D​)
State Senate Representaive Bill Dodd (D)

Sonoma County Board of Supervisors and Elected Officials​

        Supervisorial  District 1                    Susan Gorin             
Supervisorial District 2 David Rabbitt
Supervisorail District 3 Chris Coursey
Supervisorial District 4 James Gore
Supervisorial District 5     Lynda Hopkins
Auditor Controller Tax Collector Eric Roeser
Clerk Recorder Assessor Deva Marie Proto
District Attorney Jill Ravitch
Sheriff Coroner Mark Essick


Mayor Todd Lands
Vice Mayor Augustine (Gus) Wolter
Council Member Melanie Bagby
Council Member Joe Palla
Council Member Marta Cruz


Mayor Mark Landman
Vice Mayor Susan Harvey
Council Member John C Moore
Council Member Laura Sparks
Council Member Ben Ford


Mayor Osvaldo Jimenez
Vice Mayor Ariel Kelley
Council Member David Hagele
Council Member Evelyn Mitchell
Council Member Skylaer Palacious


Mayor Teresa Barrett
Vice Mayor Brian Barnacle
Council Member D'lynda Fischer
Council Member Mike Healy
Council Member Dave King
Council Member Kevin McDonnell
Council Member Dennis Pocekay

Rohnert Park

Council District 1 Willey Linares  (Vice Mayor)
Council District 3 Gerard Giudice 
Council District 4 Jacke Elward (Mayor)
Council Member Susan Hollingsworth Adams
Council Member Pam Stafford

Santa Rosa

            Council District  1            Eddie Alvarez  (Vice Mayor)
 Council District  2 John Sawyer
 Council District  3 Vacant
 Council District  4 Victoria Fleming
 Council District  5 Chris Rogers (Mayor)
 Council District  6 Tom Schwedhelm
  Council District  7  Natalie Rogers 


                    Mayor                                       Patrick Slater                  
Vice Mayor Neysa Hinton
Council Member Diana Rich
Council Member Una Glass
Council Member Sarah Glade Gurney


Mayor Jack Ding
Vice Mayor Kelso G Barnett
Council Member Robert Fedder
Council Member Madolyn Agrimonti
Council Member Sandra Lowe


Mayor  Sam Salmon
Vice Mayor Esther Lemus
Council Member Rosa Reynosa
Council Member  
Councile District 3 Debora Fudge




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