Newsletter - June 2020

The newsletter this month is going to focus on two topics.


First of all:  It might be useful for people to remember that when you walk into and through a swamp you are going to unearth a lot of things and creatures you might not want to have around.  Donald Trump walked into a swamp.  The government establishment in Washington D.C. has had an administrative form of government for a very long time and members both Republican and Democrat are entrenched in their positions of power.  The last President to really shake up this swamp was Ronald Reagan.  President Reagan did not respond in the manner that President Trump does but he had many, many attacks and insults thrown at him.  The entrenched bureaucrats in D.C. did not like him. 

Donald Trump has been accused of many things.  One is that many people have left the administration either voluntarily or because the President has fired them.  Let’s remember something.  Donald Trump does not come from the world of government.  He comes from the world of business, specifically the construction business.  In that world, you either get the job done or you are gone.  There are deadlines and budgets to meet.  Somehow, those same standards do not seem to apply to government.  Check your tax bills.


Another issue that is so clear to anyone who gathers their information from reliable sources (not the mainstream media) is that actual facts and events are twisted to fit a negative narrative about the President.  In fact, twist is one thing.  Many times, the stories are just plain lies.  True journalism and reporting rarely occur.  The fourth estate has lost its right to exist in many instances.  This lack of truth is also evident in letters to the editor written by citizens.  Items are quoted as facts which are absolutely not facts. 


Lastly, many people are put off by the President’s manner.  To many of us it is just plain New York.  However, please remember that this President has been lied about, charged and investigated since he announced he was running.  The constant harassment of he and his family makes a person wonder how he has survived all of this.  It is important to note that other presidents have used very smooth language as they have spun many wonderful tales. 


The positive changes the Trump Administration has brought about in the country as related to the economy, the administrative state, the opportunities for black Americans as a result of prison reform, support for black colleges, the development of our energy resources so we are not beholden to events in the Middle East, the refusal to give our technology to China and the return of manufacturing jobs to America resulted in a booming economy.  We will be back there.  Donald Trump never colluded with Russia and has placed more sanctions on Russia than any other President.  Let’s remember the millions that were spent on the “Russian collusion hoax and the endless impeachment farce.  Oh well, it was just taxpayer money.


The second point that needs to be discussed is the current state of life in the United States.  The death of George Floyd was a terrible event and the perpetrators deserve full justice as provided by law.  However, what is going on in the country with the looting and destruction of property has really nothing to do with George Floyd.  In death, Mr. Floyd is being used to further a far, far left agenda. 


The term Black Lives Matter is accurate in that freedom and equality must be available to all Americans.  However, far left groups such as Antifa and Black Lives Matter are always ready to mobilize thousands of demonstrators when something happens that can be used against the government.  There are obviously significant amounts of money available to get people around the country to demonstrate and have access to stacks of bricks and other construction material available to throw at the police. The people who have been rioting and vandalizing property of persons of all colors are not concerned with justice.  Some are hoodlums committing crimes and some are working to bring down our government in its present form.


What happened in Minneapolis needs to be dealt with in the courts.  It might be helpful to remember that the officer who held down George Floyd had at least 12 complaints and two letters of reprimand against him. There is no argument that police officers must be held to the standards of their department and that reform must happen when it is needed.


The latest bright idea of the left is to defund the police.  Instead of the police there are suggestions to have social workers and people who are trained to deal with conflict responsible for maintaining the peace.  Many in the entertainment industry are all for this.  Remember, entertainment stars will always have private security.  What is being ignored is the fact that many black neighborhoods want more police protection not less.  In Chicago, in less than 24 hours  there were 18 murders   During the Memorial Day weekend 10 people were shot dead and 39 were wounded in Chicago.  There were no demonstrations about these murders.


Many of the demonstrators were not peaceful.  They were rioters and thieves.  Again, a number of  police officers were murdered during the riots and a number of them were black.


There have been very disturbing scenes this past week.  Large groups of protestors were seen kneeling and begging pardon for their white privilege and apologizing to Black Lives Matter members.  Some members of one group even washed the feet of some of the black leaders of the protest.  We appear to have returned to a Holy Thursday ritual.  Large groups of people bowing down to one or two persons brings to mind large Nazi gatherings.  Of course, if your education doesn’t cover history or government you have no idea what that means.  


As some have said:


I kneel for God and stand for the flag.


Dr. Shelby Steele has been interviewed a number of times recently regarding the status of race relations in the United States and how the politics of white guilt does nothing to improve black lives.  One of Dr. Steele’s main points is that the focus on victimization does not empower the black community.  It is a real insult when you tell groups of people that they need more help than anyone else because they just can’t get the job done.  The answer is to apply the law to everyone equally.  If politicians were truly concerned about the black community and endemic racism they would see to it that black children had a choice for good public schools.  It is many liberal politicians who have stopped black children from attending good charter schools instead of inferior public schools. 


Unfortunately, organizations such as Black Lives Matter emphasize the term parents and exclude  the word father.  Male influence on the family is described as oppressive.  This trend is truly tragic.  Crime in the black communities sky rocketed after the 1960’s War on Poverty set up a situation where women could not get benefits if there was a father in the house.  Subsequently, we have the destruction of the black family and children being raised without the influence and care of a father.  Shelby Steele is very clear on the damage this did to black citizens.  He states that he grew up in very segregated Chicago but families were intact and everyone was working.


What is going on in our country now is not just an effort to correct the injustices in our justice system but is also an effort to totally change the United States. If you want the United States to survive as a free democratic republic, it is time to get involved. Silence will not save you.  Your freedom is on the line.

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