Newsletter - May 2020

The founders of our country devised a truly brilliant form of government:  a democratic republic.  Our constitution provides for three co-equal branches of government.  If you have been fortunate to receive a solid and accurate education you understand how our government works.  However, most citizens do not understand that there is another part of the government which has to be monitored constantly.  That is the administrative state i.e. the bureaucracy.  There is a great temptation for people who work for the government to forget that their job is to serve the people not determine how the people will live.

The candidacy of Donald Trump caused major heartburn in the elected and elite class in Washington D.C. and New York.  Mr. Trump was someone who, when registered as a Democrat in New York and willing to donate to many people including members of minorities, was greatly admired by many Democrats.  However, when he became a Republican and decided to run for President the powers that be were besides themselves.  His platform was very clearly opposite to what the bureaucrats wanted.

Surprise!  Donald Trump won.  That is when the plan was developed to destroy his presidency even before it started.   His campaign had been spied on and there continued to be attempts to destroy his presidency.

Who was behind this destruction of a duly elected President?  Of course it was people who worked in the federal government and were committed to maintaining the status quo.  Mr. Trump was not part of the status quo.

There is something that people should consider when considering how our government works or should work.  Some of this is very evident during this national health crisis going on now.

People who lean left and who want more and more central government control rather than the sharing of power that is the major tenet of federalism start to veer into fascism or totalitarianism.  However, people who lean extreme right can also veer into totalitarianism.  Both sides, when taken to the extreme, endorse total government control of a citizen’s life, work and movements.

We currently have an example of the tendency of the left side of the political spectrum to control all citizens and their activities.  The coronavirus is a marvelous opportunity to regulate everyone’s life per the orders of government officials who of course know what is best for the population. 

Now, Donald Trump has been criticized by the wise people of the Democrat Party including the past president who has described the response of the President and the White House as chaotic.  Why is that?  President Trump has paid attention to federalism and has left the setting of virus policy to each state and their governors.  A national policy would not serve the country.  Each state is different and the needs of heavily urban states are quite different from states that have large rural populations. 

However, some governors seem to think they have just been anointed Ruler of the World.  They do not seem to be too concerned that the economy of their state is being destroyed. 

This is where Trump Derangement Syndrome becomes very dangerous.  To many on the left the coronavirus is a chance to get Donald Trump out of the White House.  They haven’t been able to get him out in the last three years.  Now, if the economy tanks, they figure he will not be re-elected.  Many people in power figure that people losing their businesses and their financial security is a small price to pay in order to get Donald Trump out of Washington. 

Donald Trump is a threat to the bureaucratic status quo and power players in government.  He does not need their money or their influence.  He truly loves this country and its citizens.  That is very threatening to those who wish to maintain the status quo.

It is necessary to highlight some of the media’s errors.  First of all, many pass themselves off as journalists.  That would be true if they really got all the facts and presented them in a neutral manner. 

For example:  Andrew Cuomo in New York is being held up as a terrific administrator who has saved New York.  His briefings are a must see (for some people) and he is being touted for Vice President.  Some facts:  Andrew Cuomo issued a March 25th Directive which stated that no resident shall be denied re-admission or admission to nursing facilities based solely on confirmed or suspected diagnosis of COVID-19.  When these people went to nursing homes, the virus spread through the nursing homes and deaths have totaled over 4,813.  Governor Cuomo could have sent these people to the Hospital Ship that the President sent to New York or to the temporary hospital that was built at the Javits Center.  He did not do that.  He has since rescinded his March 25th order.

Governor Kate Brown (no relation to Jerry Brown) refuses to let hair stylists return to work and open their businesses.  She has sent Child Protective Services to the homes of some stylists who have returned to their businesses.  Hair stylists in Oregon face the threat of losing their licenses and paying large fines.

Medical groups have filed a lawsuit against Michigan Governor Gretchen Whitmer, the State Attorney General and the State Health Director over the state’s stay-at-home order.  The Governor has continued to extend her stay-at-home order to “flatten the curve.”  The lawsuit claims that this continuation of the stay-at-home order without approval from the state legislature infringes upon individual rights and liberties. 

Michigan originally expected 220,000 hospitalizations as a result of the Wuhan coronavirus.  As of April 27th, that number was 3,000 which was less than 1.4% of the projected hospitalizations.  There are currently almost 1,000 ICU beds and more than 7,000 empty hospital beds.

Because of the stay-at-home order, doctors have had to wait until patients are in dire need of surgery before a procedure can be carried out.  One example was patients obtaining surgery only after their gallbladder was gangrenous or their appendix had ruptured.  Physicians are very concerned about an upswing in medical problems.

States with Democrat Governors have been much quicker to lay down all kinds of laws including the one about attending church services although in some places people were in their cars listening to a pastor.

For some politicians this is just too good a chance to fix everyone’s life the way they think things should be done.  Let us not forget Nancy Pelosi who has decided that Members of the House can send in a proxy vote from their homes and don’t have to appear in Congress.  You can forget debate and discussion.  The House of Representatives has become a little fascist state ignoring what the citizens might want.  Of course, they are still being paid. 

The coronavirus has placed a shining light on the divisions in the country and the diametrically different beliefs Americans have about how to function with a major challenge and how government should respond.  This present challenge shows how Americans respond to being denied the freedom to make a living and live their lives the way they see as best.  

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