Chairman's Message - November 2020

The election of 2020 has exposed some very disturbing events and trends going on in the United States.  The Democrat Party has gone full socialist.  If you disagree with that statement read the 110 page Democrat Party platform which is available on line.  It is not the reelection of Donald Trump that should scare people.  It is the plans of the Democrat Party for every American that should scare people. 

For the many people who hate Donald Trump so much, anything sounds better than what they think he is going to do in a second term.  The moral judgments that have been made and believed about the President are rather sad.  Many people believe the corrupt media’s stories about Donald Trump.  The media has become Judge and Jury.  The very sad thing is that for the most part the Fourth Estate has become a literary dump.  Real journalists are few and far between.  Most of the media has an agenda and works to implement that agenda. 

The Sonoma County Republican Party has been working hard to get out the vote for our candidates.  Thank you to the many volunteers who worked so hard.  You are the champions.  We were very happy that we had Republicans running for city council seats in the county.  Our cities and our county are facing significant problems and it is time for new council members with fresh ideas and approaches to solve these problems.

Unfortunately, due to the coronavirus restrictions, the party will not be able to gather on election night as we did four years ago.  I know that many of you will be close to your phones.  What a year this has been!

The Sonoma County Republican Party will continue to build our membership and provide an alternate choice to the very confused politics of the other side.  Don’t some people ever wonder:  Why are so many native Californians who have lived here all their lives moving to other states?  Could it be the crazy politics?

If you have not signed the recall petition of our illustrious Governor, you may do so at our headquarters.  Check our web site for times and opportunities.

We also have Republican and Trump material and some great new bumper stickers. 

Stay strong and be ready for the future.

In Freedom,

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party

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