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The price good men pay for indifference to public affairs is to be ruled by evil men.                                                                                                                                                                     Plato


California Supreme Court

The Chief Justice of the California Supreme Court is Tani Gorre Cantil-Sakauye.  She has stated that she will not seek a second 12 year term in November and will conclude her current term of office on January 1, 2023.

The term of a Supreme Court Judge in California is 12 years.  A Judge does not run against anyone but is elected by a simple “yes” or “no” by California voters.

Four Associate Judges are up for election this year.  They are: Justice Martin Jenkins, Justice Patricia Guerrero, Justice Joshua Groban and Justice Goodwin Liu. 

Except for Justice Guerrero all of the Justices are running for reelection.  Justice Guerrero has made no announcement as to her plans.

Governor Newsom has nominated Associate Justice Patricia Guerrero as the next Chief Justice. 

He has also announced that Alameda County Superior Court Judge Kelli Evans would be nominated for Patricia Guerrero’s now vacant seat.  Evans’ nomination is a controversial one.  It will be interesting to see what is said during the election process.

Cheers for the Judge

San Francisco Superior Court Judge Richard Ulmer ruled that a San Francisco law allowing noncitizen parents to vote in local school board elections was unconstitutional.  The Judge stated that the California Constitution permits only citizens to vote.  He noted that the law violated the California Constitution and Elections Code.  An identical law that was passed in New York was also struck down by a judge.  This law would have allowed 800,000 non-citizens to vote.  Judge Ulmer noted that the power of charter cities such as San Francisco to regulate municipal affairs “does not override the Constitution.


New Iolero Director

The Sonoma County Board of Supervisors appointed John Alden as head of Iolero, the law enforcement watchdog agency.  He will start work on September 6th with a $189,093 salary plus other benefits and compensation.


Here are 5 of the 9 city council candidates for the November election.


Petaluma Elections

At-Large Mayor

D’Lynda Fisher                                   Petaluma City Council member

Kevin McDonnell                                Petaluma City Council member

Patrick Flower                                    Retired Process ReEngineer

Susan Kirks                                        Conservation Consultant


District 1

Janice Cader Thompson                   Community Volunteer

Dylan Lloyd                                          Information Technology   Consultant


District 2

Bobb Kosoff                                         Medical Professional

David Adams                                       Business Owner/Realtor

John Shribbs                                       Teacher/Scientist/ Conservationist


District 3

John Hanania                                       Small Business Owner

Karen Nau                                            Teacher/Parent

Robert Conklin                                    Truck Driver


Rohnert Park Elections

District 1  

 Samantha Rodriguez                       Student/works in youth advocacy

David Soldavini                                  District Sales Manager for La   Tortilla Factory


District 2        

Jason Atallah                                      Cybersecurity-financial technology   sector

Tom Levin                                            Project Manager/Engineer the   public sector

Emily Sanborn                                   Account Manager/Straus Family  Creamery


District 5     

  Joe Callinan                                      Contractor/Owner of  Joseph T. Callinan   Construction

Susan Hollingsworth Adam            Director of Operations at   Hollingsworth Insurance


Santa Rosa Elections


There are four seats for the Santa Rosa City Council that are up for election.  Eight candidates have announced their candidacy.


District 2  Open seat.                          John Sawyer has retired. 

 Mason Rossiter                                   Junior College student.

 Mark Stapp                                         Senior Director for corporate and   foundation relations at                                                                              Sonoma State   University

District 3      

Diana MacDonald                                Vice President of family Heating and   Cooling business.  Past                                                                        president of CA   PTA

District  4      

Incumbent Victoria Fleming              Clinical Social Worker

 Henry Huang                                         Business Owner

 Terry Sanders                                        Fire Fighter

  Shari Shamsavari                               Retired Educator


District  6  Open seat.                          Tom Schwedhelm has retired.

Jeff Okrepkie                                          Commercial Insurance Agent 

 Veronica Jacobi                                     Mechanical Engineer and Energy   Management Consultant


City of Sonoma

Thomas Deegan, Ph.D                             Leadership Consultant

Patricia Farrow Rivas                             Sustainable Investment Consultant

John Gurney                                              Retired Police Chief

Michael Nugent                                        Business Owner/Financial Services   Industry

Ronald Wellander                                     Landscape Architect


Windsor Elections

District 1        

Gina Fortino Dickson                               Windsor Planning Commissioner

Michael Wall                                              Health Care Industry Consultant


District 2

​Maureen Merrill                                          Business Coach

Sam Salmon                                                Mayor


District 4        

Kevin Gonyo                                                Graphic Designer at Canine Companions

Tanya Potter                                               Santa Rosa Police Officer






Kevin Kilgore is the current Sebastopol Police Chief.  He has accepted a job with the Rohnert Park Department of Public Safety.  He starts the new job on August 22nd. 


The Cloverdale City Council has requested that the county include the part-time office of Treasurer on the November 8th ballot.  The council mistakenly failed to include the office in an earlier request to the Board of Supervisors.  The current Treasurer is Michael Nixon.  One council member is against Cloverdale having a Treasurer. 

The November 8th ballot will also include a measure to approve an ordinance prohibiting all fireworks in the city. 

Sonoma County Airport

Due to pilot shortages, United Airlines is planning to indefinitely suspend service out of Charles M. Schultz Airport, on November 1, 2022.  The airline had serviced San Francisco and Denver but never resumed the Denver flights after the pandemic. 

County Fees

The Sonoma County planning and building agency has increased the cost of permitting and other service fees by about 9%.  The fees took effect on July 1 and apply to building permits, code enforcement fees, project reviews and service fees associated with sewer, wells and septic systems.  NBS Consultants conducted a comprehensive study of the department’s fee structure.

The study was completed in 2021 and the 9% increase was recommended as well as restructuring and eliminating some fees.  Fees were last increased in 2019.


Journalism is printing what someone else does not want printed.  Every thing else

is public relations.                                                                                               George Orwell


Take Me Out To The Ball Game

It is always nice to see government get its priorities straight.  In the 2021-22 state budget (nearly $300 Billion) which was finalized in June of 2021, a $279.5 Million appropriation was slipped into the huge spending plan before it went to the Governor.  The following statement was in the budget.

Funds appropriated in this item shall be for the Port of Oakland for improvements that facilitate enhanced freight and passenger access and to promote the efficient and safe movement of goods and people.,”

Doesn’t that sound like a plan to upgrade and maintain the port’s viability in order to deal with the intense competition for international trade?

Think again!  The approved list of projects the money would finance will be used to subsidize development of a new stadium for the Oakland A’s baseball team on a disused container site known as Howard’s Terminal near Jack London Square.  The money would pay for facilities for fans to more easily access the new stadium.  The San Francisco Bay Conservation and Development Commission officially removed Howard’s Terminal designation as a cargo site.

John Fisher, owner of the A’s settled on the 55 acre Howard Terminal site for a stadium and a $12 Billion residential and commercial complex.  The shipping industry was not happy with this decision since they saw it as an intrusion on cargo-handling operations.

Enter our state legislators.  Senator Nancy Skinner, a Democrat who represents Oakland and chairs the Senate Budget Committee, slipped the $279.5 Million appropriation into the budget bill and it was eventually approved by the full legislature and the governor. 

The amount of money is just a fraction of the state budget but it represents two very bad practices in the state Capitol. 

   1) The state budget, which is largely drafted in secret with little  opportunity for the media and             the public to study the details, is a  means to deliver goodies to those with political pull. 

   2) California politicians devote incredible attention to the welfare  of professional sports                         teams and their extremely wealthy owners.   All major sports teams have received some sort             of help from    Sacramento.  One major benefit they have received is many   exemptions                       nmental red tape that other big projects   must deal with. 


          Nothing like some entertainment at taxpayer’s expense.



RIGHTS ARE PROTECTED.                                        THOMAS PAINE

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