Newsletter - October 2019

Given the current political situation in the United States some people may wonder if the United States has become a banana republic.  When the definition of a banana republic is read it is apparent that many of the descriptions of a banana republic do not fit the current situation.  Our economy is not dependent upon the exportation of a limited-resource product.  Typically, a banana republic has a society of extremely stratified social classes, usually a large impoverished working class and a ruling-class plutocracy, composed of the business, political and military elites of that society. Now, the United States does not have an extremely stratified social class because our economy is strong and individuals can significantly improve their financial situation.

However, the United States does have a group called the shadow government or Deep State.  The definition of a shadow government lies within the term itself.  This is the real government entity that exists with the term itself; it is the real government entity that hides within the shadows, making all important decisions in secret.  These are not those people you see on the mainstream media and often they are not the people you vote for.

These are the people who fill the bureaucracy of the federal government which totals approximately 2.7 Million civilians.   There are more than 2000 agencies and organizations.  The bureaucratic agencies are self organized and senior level bureaucrats are responsible for organizing the agencies and handling day to day operations.  They interpret laws and make judgments regarding specific matters.

Now, the majority of these federal employees are people who are committed to doing the best job they can and to seeing that the federal agencies do what they are supposed to do.

However, the power that exists in some federal bureaucracies makes it very hard for some people to just do their job and not attempt to manipulate events and outcomes.  The most recent example is the way that members of the Federal Bureau of Investigation (FBI) and others in the Attorney General’s office decided that Donald Trump should not be President even though he had won the 2016 election.  These bureaucrats were talking about getting rid of Mr. Trump as soon as he was elected and certainly even before he was inaugurated.  Their plotting resulted in the Mueller Investigation which cost taxpayers millions of dollars and resulted in identifying no illegal actions.

The shadow government is comprised of many people who are very satisfied with their jobs and positions in the Washington D. C. bureaucracy.  An outsider like Donald Trump is one of their greatest fears.  The status quo is threatened.  It is for that reason that the President is under constant attack.  The latest attack is from the entrenched people in Congress which means Democrat members of the House.  The reason that the Democrats did not impeach the President as soon as he was sworn in was that they did not control the House.

The House of Representatives has according to the constitution the sole power of impeachment.  Since the first attempt to remove Mr. Trump was the failed Muller report Nancy Pelosi and her six chairmen have moved on to charges of Mr. Trump colluding with the Ukrainian government to find dirt on Joe Biden.

Because our educational system is so poor, many Americans believe that the President has been impeached and will be removed from office very quickly.  Of course, that is not true.  In order for the President to be the subject of an official impeachment the full House has to vote on that.  Nancy Pelosi has not called for that vote because the new members of the House who won seats in districts that Donald Trump carried in 2016 would have to vote.  The Speaker does not want those 31 members to have to take a vote on impeachment. 

If an impeachment vote were taken in the House, then both parties could call witnesses, interrogate witnesses and have a voice on the procedures.  This is how these matters were handled during the Johnson, Nixon and Clinton impeachment hearings.  At the present time, under the infallible wisdom of Adam Schiff, Republicans cannot attend hearings of witnesses, read transcripts and cannot call witnesses.  This is basically a Kangaroo Court. The so called Whistle Blower is in hiding and the Democrats want to hide his identity when he testifies.  Mr. Schiff is calling for administration officials to testify before the committee.

The President has said they cannot.  Since there is no impeachment vote the administration does not have to respond to such a request.   The House is not authorized to oversee the activities of the White House and Executive Branch unless a vote has been taken.

Victor Davis Hanson explains the current Democrat strategy very well.  The “impeachment” inquiry can do as much damage as a formal vote without endangering Democrats in purple congressional districts at least for a while.  The aim is to create slow-motion, sustained hysteria, throw out leaks, whistleblowers’ accusations, transcripts, emails, hearsay and what not and see what sticks – without House members going on record until there is enough chaos created to ensure positive polls.  Then you work on getting a few Republican Senators to flip and even if the President is not formally impeached and removed from office the results of the 2020 election will result in the President’s loss. 

We must not forget that there is another part of the shadow government which is not in the shadows. That is the media. The media is 90% committed to the Democrat Party. Their programming consists of slanted news and at times actual lies.  Americans have to search various sources to find accurate news that is not biased against the President and Republicans.  This is especially true when we look at social media which is manipulated and controlled by the left.   Unfortunately, a free and accurate press is necessary for a country to not become a banana republic.

If that happens, then the United States will be much closer to being a banana republic. Americans who care about the future of our constitution and our democracy need to let their representatives know that this charade in Washington D.C. needs to stop.  If you don’t like Donald Trump, work to beat him in the 2020 election.  Do not work to undermine our system of government.  This should also be a reminder to Republican Representatives and Senators that the treatment that Donald Trump is receiving will be given to the next Republican President or leader who does not play by the rules of the shadow government.

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