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As you look around our country and see the chaos, violence and anger all over the place, do you stop to wonder how did we get to this point?

Let’s look at a possible answer.

Meet Richard Cloward and Frances Fox Piven.  These were two Columbia University Sociology Professors who were also married to each other.  They had a political strategy of calculated chaos which they first described in 1966 in The Nation which is the oldest continuously published news magazine in America.  The Nation is a far left publication. The article was titled: The Weight of the Poor: A Strategy to end Poverty.  Cloward and Piven’s goal was the creation of chaos so that “A political crisis would result that could lead to legislation for a guaranteed annual income and thus an end to poverty.”

In their words their goal was “A massive drive to recruit the poor onto the welfare rolls.”  They also believed that “A federal program of income redistribution has become necessary to elevate the poor en masse from poverty.”

Government growth really took off under FDR’s New Deal and was further codified in the 1960’s.  Medicare, Medicaid and the Great Society welfare programs made many Americans closely tied to the government.  Newer and more government agencies choked innovation and economic growth. 

Cloward and Piven defined a crisis as “A publicly visible disruption in some institutional sphere.”  How is crisis created?  Here is a definition.   “Crisis can occur spontaneously (riots for example) or as the intended result of tactics of demonstration and protest which either generate institutional disruption or bring unrecognized disruption to public attention.”

Some Examples:  Defund the Police: George Floyd protests and riots: No Bail laws: Open the border to anyone regardless of their background: Cancelling anyone the powers that we disapprove of.

Then we had Covid!  How convenient.  Lock down a society. Teach via Zoom. Make a large part of society dependent on government.  Of course, millions of illegal entries into the country creates a class of people also dependent on government.  In fact, the number of people illegally entering the country today is overwhelming cities.  In El Paso, all NGO facilities are full and have no space for the continuing number of people coming across the border.

Let’s remember:  the people coming illegally across the border did not have to be vaccinated.  They were not sent back if they were sick because no one was checking their medical status.  When a country’s welfare system is overwhelmed it appears that the only way out is a centralized social welfare state.

Let’s take a look at what is next if the welfare system is completely overwhelmed.  Government has to step in.  When government steps in then government has the right to tell citizens how to live. There would be far fewer freedoms than most Americans presently have. 

In the past decade the number of people dependent on food stamps and EBT for survival in the United States has doubled from 25 Million to nearly 50 Million people.  Part of that group is all of the homeless living on our streets.  In addition, persons who receive some payment from the government such as social security, disability and veterans benefits total approximately 100 Million.  Americans who receive Social Security and paid into the system and do not consider themselves welfare recipients nonetheless need to understand if the federal money tap shuts down due to overwhelming numbers in the system, checks will stop whether a person paid into the system or not.

If the federal government does not want to expand welfare initiatives then the government will not be overwhelmed.  In order for the Cloward-Piven strategy to succeed the government must introduce and approve more and more welfare programs.  Therefore, the elitist class who control the government have to arrange circumstances that allows for Cloward-Piven to be successful.  What has happened during the last two years in our country?  Laws were passed that gave payments to everyone and in fact it was better to stay home than try to get a job. More welfare programs were introduced. 

Let’s take a look at what this scenario tells us.  The more that government is a major factor in the lives of citizens the less freedom citizens have.  When citizens are focused on managing and surviving their daily lives, freedom is restricted.  Please remember.  There is a group of people who are eager to manage the whole world.  This group is convinced that they have the answers and the right to dictate how the rest of the world lives.  One of the first steps to achieve this goal is to undermine the world’s energy source.  Therefore, we have green energy.  Fossil fuel has become the worst thing that has ever happened to human beings.  Keep one thing in mind.  The elite never live by the rules that govern the average citizen.  They have the fossil fuel needed to fly their planes and heat their homes. They also have the finances to pay for high energy costs.  They know how the rest of the planet should operate even though the rules for them will be different.

The average person needs to be aware of what is going on.  That starts with your local community.  Unless a person is at the pinnacle of power it is virtually impossible to battle the change that Cloward and Piven espoused.  The battle has to be for all citizens to be aware of what is going on around them and pay attention to their local area.   That is why it is crucial that all citizens know what is happening in their communities and their state and then VOTE.

Cloward and Piven wanted to get the poor off of welfare.  Their plan was for some utopian world.  The very opposite is happening as more and more of their scenario unfolds.

Freedom is not free.  It takes work!

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