Newsletter - May 2021

Question:  Can a black person in America be prejudiced?  Can an Asian person in America be bigoted?  How about persons whose ancestry is south of the border?  

If you listen to the main street media and to the intelligentsia in our government those people cannot be prejudiced.  They have been down trodden so therefore they know what bigotry is  and would never behave that way towards other people.  

Now, do you understand? Only white people can be bigots who believe that they are superior to every other group. No one from any other racial group could be prejudiced.  That’s why we must teach Critical Race Theory.  We must indoctrinate every white child and if possible, every white adult that they are inherently prejudiced and use their white privilege all the time to the detriment of every other group.

What is going on? Slavery has always existed in the world. The United States is the only country in history that actually fought a war to end slavery. (600,000 dead).  The Civil Rights legislation of the 1960’s was a major step in legislating equal rights for all.  Opportunities for minority citizens have exploded and persons of all minorities are working in every type of business and government facility. 

Some people who wish to make political gain from current events will call everything that is happening “Jim Crow.”  The voter laws that were recently passed in Georgia tightening voter identification laws while allowing more days to vote have been called a return to “Jim Crow.” Well, let’s take a look at what Jim Crow laws actually were.

Jim Crow laws were a collection of state and local statues that legalized racial segregation.  Jim Crow was the name of a black minstrel show character.   Jim Crow laws existed from the post-Civil War era until 1968.  These laws were intended to marginalize African Americans by denying them the right to vote, hold jobs, receive an education or be able to have other opportunities.  To defy Jim Crow laws could result in arrest, fines, jail sentences, violence and even death. 

Jim Crow laws began immediately after the ratification of the 13thAmendment in 1865 which abolished slavery in the United States and which all Democrats in Congress voted against.  Black Codes were strict local and state laws that delineated when, where and how former slaves could work and how much they could earn.  The Codes were passed into law throughout the South to legally keep black citizens in indentured servitude.  The Codes removed voting rights, controlled where black people could live and how they traveled.  The Codes also allowed children to be seized for labor purposes.

Former Confederate soldiers worked as police and judges which made it difficult for African Americans to win court cases and ensured that they were subject to the Black codes.

The Codes worked in conjunction with labor camps for prisoners where prisoners were treated as slaves.  Black prisoners often received longer sentences than white prisoners and because of how they were treated and the grueling work often did not live out their sentence.

During Reconstruction local governments as well as the national Democrat Party hindered efforts to help Black Americans move forward.

Definite improvements in the lives of African Americans in the South occurred during the first part of Ulysses Grant’s administration.  Schools were opened for black citizens and many former slaves learned to read.  However, national issues interfered with these positive moves and President Grant could not keep a focus on the situation for black citizens in the South.  

In 1865 in Pulaski, Tennessee the Ku Klux Klan was started as a private club for Confederate veterans. The KKK grew into a secret society that terrorized black communities in the south and also attacked white citizens who were deemed to be in support of black citizens.  Members of many governments were also members of the KKK. 

In the 1880’s there was more freedom for black citizens in big cities in the South.  For this reason, larger black populations moved to big cities resulting in white city dwellers demanding more laws to limit opportunities for African Americans.  

Jim Crow laws soon spread. Theaters and restaurants were segregated along with waiting rooms in bus and train stations.  Water fountains, restrooms, elevators, cemeteries and amusement-park cashier windows were segregated.  African Americans could not live in white neighborhoods.  Marriage and cohabitation between white and black people were against the law in most Southern states.

The civil rights demonstrations and legislation of the 1960’s eliminated Jim Crow laws.  Martin Luther King and his organization destroyed Jim Crow in practice

When politicians compare everything that is going on today to Jim Crow laws they are bloviating. The ultimate insult and discrimination are politicians who claim that black Americans cannot get an ID.  The attitude is that black Americans are not just not sharp enough to follow voter laws like everyone else.  Talk about racist!

One of the areas where there is so much disagreement is in our police forces.  The radical left which leaps on every event involving police and black citizens uses mob rule to create uproar and chaos.  The truth is that most black communities want an increased police presence.  If reforms are needed in a police force then they should be instituted.  The black family needs to be encouraged and assisted in taking care of and educating their children.  That means better schools and more responsible local government. 

The hypocrisy of the left and so many in the Democrat party is demonstrated in how they treated Senator Tim Scott’s police reform legislation last year.  African American Senator Scott is the Republican Senator from South Carolina.  The Democrats in the Senate filibustered his bill so it went nowhere.  So much for concern about the African American population.



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