September 2022

Queen Elizabeth

The death of Queen Elizabeth II has brought forward endless coverage, commentary and remembrances.  There is one remembrance of Queen Elizabeth that discusses the 15 Prime Ministers she had, the 13 American Presidents that she met and the countless leaders of the world that she interacted with.  There is one factor that has not received the discussion that it merits.  The Queen met usually on a weekly basis with the Prime Minister.  Since she had the government boxes sent to her every day she knew what was happening politically.  She also knew the leaders and countries around the world.  When she met with the Prime Minister she was providing knowledge and an excellent sounding board.

These meetings were strictly confidential.    Only one Prime Minister let a piece of information slip to the public.  He didn't do that again.  The Queen never discussed the conversations she had with the Prime Ministers.  Imagine! Someone a leader can confer with and know that it will never be repeated.  Could we use that in Washington D.C.?  Could we use a President who could trust the advice they were getting and know that the person they were speaking with was not going to write a book or speak to the press?  Wouldn't that be wonderful?  


Sorry looks back.  Worry looks around.  Faith look up.


Cloverdale City Council Election (3 Vacancies)

  • Gus Wolter - Vice Mayor currently on the council
  • Marjorie Morgenstern
  • "Walker" J. Thomas Rugino - Retired Administrative Assistant
  • Brian Wheeler - Retired from U.S. Coast Guard

Cotati City Council 

  • Sylvia Lemus - Public Information Officer
  • Kathleen Rivers - Public School Teacher

Healdsburg City Council   (4 year term – 2 vacancies)

  • Linda Cade - Health Coach
  • Susan Graf - Clothing Store Owner
  • Chris Herrod - Sales Manager
  • Evelyn Mitchell - Management & Accounting Consultant

Healdsburg City Council (2 year term – 1 vacancy)

  • Matias Lopez Jr. - Teaching Assistant
  • Ron Coleman - Business Consultant
  • Brigette A. Mansell - Public School Teacher

Sebastopol City Council (3 Vacancies)

  • Dennis Colthurst - Retired Police Officer
  • Oliver Dick - IT Consultant
  • Jill McLewis- Business Owner
  • Sandra Maurer - Director of EMF
  • Stephen Zollman - Attorney
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