Chairman's Message - April 2019

Spring has brought Sonoma County rain, sun, hail, thunder and lightning.  You can’t say living here is boring.  Let’s hope that we have been able to store some of that water.

I am pleased to announce that due to the coming together of five Republican Central Committees (Napa, Sonoma, Lake, Yolo and Solano) Dinesh D’Souza and Brandon Straka will be speaking at the Napa Valley College Theater on Saturday, June 8th.  Because the five Central Committees joined together we can afford the cost of these national speakers.  Of course, this is also a fund raiser for the committees.  Check our web site for all the details including price and availability.

Our Leadership Group starts on Saturday, April 27th at our headquarters on Guerneville Road.  Paul Kelley will be our first speaker.  He will speak on the structure of county government.

These are difficult times for many people in California.  The crisis at the border (and it is a crisis) is being virtually ignored by the mainstream media.  Democrats refuse to work with Republicans to fix the immigration law because they are determined not to give Donald Trump a victory.  While they hang on to that “Principle” the ones who suffer are the American people.  So many migrants are flooding the border (100,000 this month) that the Immigration Service and Homeland Security have no option but to let these people out into the streets of the nearest cities.  This has happened in Nogales, AZ and in El Paso, TX.  Don’t many cities in the United States already have a homeless problem with no place to house many people? 

The issue is that Congress must change the law that states that if a migrant can claim they need asylum they are given a court date (which may be a few years away) and told to return.  Many of course do not return.  Migrants know that if they can make the claim they are escaping dangerous situations they will get into the country.  That may be another reason that many families are coming here.  They know they will get into the United States without proper documentation. 

Our Congressmen need to hear from us.  In response to my call to Congressman Thompson to secure the border, I received a letter in reply stating that the President’s plan to build a 2000 mile wall was not practical and to remember that many immigrants have added to a better life in America.   I responded to Mr. Thompson noting two important points.  One:  the President has never advocated for a 2000 mile wall.  And secondly, as the daughter of legal immigrants I am well aware of the immigrant experience and also why so many came to the United States.  They came to be Americans and to achieve the American dream legally.

Let your Congressmen hear from you.  300 phone calls and letters start to make a dent in their refusal to do the job they were hired to do. 

It is easy to understand why so many Republicans do not speak out.  We are in a minority and many on the other side are not just disagreeable.  Some are downright deplorable (to borrow a phrase).  If we want our state to survive, we will have to speak out.  This is not a time for silence.

Come Join Us.

Edelweiss Geary


Sonoma County Republican Party


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