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In the 1828 election candidate Andrew Jackson asked: Shall the government or the people rule?


Election Results

There can be no change to the political structure of a society unless citizens step forward and run for office. In the November election, Sonoma County had more Republican candidates for various offices than there have been for many years. 

Efforts by all of the candidates is an indication that new people can be elected to office if they have a well thought out platform and work to contact voters.  We appreciate all of the candidates and volunteers who worked so hard to reach voters.

Election Results for City Council Races in Sonoma County

Cloverdale City Council

  • Gus Wolter         
  • Brian J. Wheeler         
  •  Marjorie Morgenstern


Healdsburg City Council       4 Year Term

  • Evelyn Mitchell                     
  • Chris Herrod

Healdsburg City Council       2 Year Term

  • Ron Edwards


Sebastopol  City Council                                      

  • Stephen Zollman
  • Jill McLewis
  • Sandra Maurer


Sonoma City Council

  • Patricia Farrar Rivas
  • John Gurney
  • Ron Wellander


Windsor - Mayor

  • Rosa Reynoza

Windsor – District  1

  • Mike Wall

Windsor – District  2

  • Sam Salmon

Windsor – District  4

  • Tanya Potter


Petaluma  - Mayor                                 

  • Kevin McDonnell  

Petaluma -  District  1                           

  • Janice Cader Thompson

Petaluma-  District  2                        

  • John Shribbs         

Petaluma -  District 3                                             

  • Karen Nau


Rohnert Park -District  1                         

  • Samantha Rodriguez                                               

Rohnert Park-  District  2                                          

  • Emily Sanborn                                                            

Rohnert Park-  District  5                                          

  • Susan Hollingsworth Adams                                     


Santa Rosa -  District  2

  • Mark Stapp

Santa Rosa -  District  3

  • Dianna MacDonald

Santa Rosa-  District  4

  • Victoria Fleming

Santa Rosa -  District  6

  • Jeff Okrepkie


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