Newsletter - October 2020

Well, we come to the last days before the November election and dull is not a word we can use.  From what many considered a poor debate performance on the part of both participants to the news about the President and the virus there is no break. 

To say that this campaign has been different is an obvious understatement.  One of the major campaign issues the Democrats raise is the President’s manner and his style.  Of course they also proclaim that he had no experience in world affairs and has made a mess of international affairs. 

Let’s remember that Donald Trump’s business was an international one.  He also had to deal with New York politicians, the unions and the Mafia.  If you watch the interviews Donald Trump did in the 1980’s and 1990’s you are hearing the exact view of government and world affairs that he states now.  He understood the dangers of Communist China long before he became President.

President Trump is a very passionate man.  His beliefs are deeply held and he loves his family.  As so many New Yorkers do (no offense) he says what he thinks pretty quickly.  He is also a very generous man as evidenced by the many times he helped people he met who had been helpful to him.  His donations were legendary.  Then there is the issue of supposedly the President not paying his taxes and only paying $750.  There is a question:  If Donald Trump owes money to the government where is the IRS?  When the issue is studied it develops that Donald Trump took advantage of the tax code which has been written and passed by Congress.  Maybe we do need a flat tax.  The President did not release his tax returns.  If this is such an important issue for presidential candidates then Congress should pass a law requiring a release of tax returns for candidates.

Now, many people find the President’s manner boisterous and full of praise for himself.  That is probably true some of the time.  We are to believe the media that no other President has spoken in an annoying manner.  Well, let’s review that.  President Obama speaks in a somewhat even tone.  He rarely raises his voice.  However, when you keep count you discover that the number of times he uses the word I in a speech is rather astonishing.  Many promises were made.  Many were not kept.  Mr. Obama has also made some incredible statements.

Unfortunately, we no longer have media that are real journalists. We should have a great deal of difficulty determining the political leanings of real journalists.  There is no difficulty in today’s world knowing the political positions of the majority of journalists.  Knowing the political position of a journalist is as bad as knowing the political position of a teacher.

So, why should President Trump be reelected?  Besides the fact that he is committed to the safety, economic welfare and freedom of American citizens here are some facts.

  1. Prior to Corona more than 4 Million jobs were created.  This was accomplished by tax reform, removal of many onerous regulations and a push to get companies back to the United States.  This was often accomplished by a tax cut for corporations. Over 200 judges have been appointed including two Supreme Court Justices.  Filling the vacancies means that much business that had been on hold can proceed. President Trump signed a bill that actually made a positive difference for veterans.
  2. Now Vets do not have to wait for treatment at a VA hospital. They have choices.
  3. Under the leadership of President Trump, ISIS in the Middle East has been decimated especially after the ISIS leader Abu Bakr al-Baghdadi was killed.
  4. Contrary to the illusionary Obama deal with Iran, President Trump pulled out of the deal with Iran and has been working with European and Middle East allies to stop Iran from developing nuclear weapons.
  5. For the last 30 years U.S. Presidents have talked about moving the U.S. embassy to Jerusalem.  President Trump is the person who did it.
  6. President Trump pulled the United States out of the Paris Climate Accord which would have cost the United States 2.7 million jobs and blocked the development of clean coal.
  7. The United States would have been giving money to countries around the world, many which are extreme polluters.
  8. Under President Trump the Space Force has been created as the 6th branch of the United States Armed Services.  This is crucial since China is also exploring space.
  9. President Trump promised to build a wall on the border with Mexico.  216 miles of wall have been built or repaired and funding has been secured for 445 more miles.
  10. America is now the world’s largest oil producer.  Because the United States is now energy independent, we can no longer be blackmailed by countries around the world because they can cut off our oil.
  11. The President brokered the Abraham Accords peace deal between Israel, the United Arab Emirates and Bahrain.  Other Middle East countries are in the pipe line to sign agreements with Israel.  This is the signal for a comprehensive Middle East peace.
  12. Last but certainly not least Donald Trump has done more for the African American community than most other Presidents.  He has developed Opportunity Zones, Funding for Public Housing Repairs and a comprehensive prison reform bill which resulted in the                     immediate release of over 1200 non-violent minimum offenders.

The Obama administration colluded with Hillary Clinton, the Democratic National Committee and mainstream media to weaponize federal government intelligence and law enforcement agencies against an opposition party candidate and then a sitting president.   When the Russian collusion hoax didn’t work, the President’s enemies reverted to fake impeachment charges.  By the way the pandemic was hitting America during the impeachment.  It is amazing that the President wasn’t even more distracted in late January.  He was still able to stop travel from China.

Donald Trump does not speak in the dulcet, political tones of Washington D.C.  Of course, that does not stop the opposition from going out and sticking the figurative knife in your back.

There was a very interesting analogy on Face Book recently.  Donald Trump is like the doctor who comes in the office, tells you in a very loud, rude manner that you need to lose 100 pounds and stop drinking if you want to live.  We don’t like the manner.  The message however, is crucial for our existence.  The United States faces incredible threats from other countries and the existence of our country as a free nation is on the line in the 2020 election.  Trump Derangement  Syndrome needs to go.

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