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If you are reading this newsletter you probably are somewhat involved in the political world. So, what is the definition of politics?  According to Wikipedia this is the definition.

Politics is the set of activities that are associated with making decisions in groups or other forms of power relations between individuals such as the distribution of resources or status.

Now, some people will say they are not involved in politics and pay no attention to political matters.  That is an indication of ignorance. 

Now, some people will say they are not involved in politics and pay no attention to political matters.  That is an indication of ignorance. 

Political decisions affect our lives on a daily basis even though we may not be fully aware of those decisions.  Every decision made by a governing agency is in some way or other political. Those local decisions are made by a group of politicians.  Even if a person did not run for election, they are often in their positions because of appointment by an elected official.

Why do we have political parties?  Besides starting all kinds of arguments!  Political parties help define people’s beliefs and positions on issues.  If you lived alone on a desert island whatever you believed would be the law.  Once a second person floated onto the island there just might be some difference of opinion.  As more people showed up on this little piece of paradise, there just might be some unpleasant interaction.  The problem is resolved in many places by the development of political parties. 

Now, Politics brings together all different types of people.  That is the crux of the matter.  All different types of people means people who are either intelligent, educated, pleasant, ignorant, insecure, conniving, well intentioned, stupid or just plain mean.  The challenge of politics is that all types of people come together in a setting which is usually unpaid and which requires everyone to work together for a common goal.  Can’t we all get along is not always going to work. 

The political world has its own legal rules and requires knowledge of the laws that govern political activity.  If a person has never been involved in politics some things can seem very strange.  Virtually all political groups have by-laws which can be used for the success of the group or can be used to maintain some people in power.  It pays to read the by-laws.

Now, let’s delve a little deeper into the political world.  A person in a political position can work very hard to fulfill the obligations of the position and achieve the objectives of the job.  A person can also use their position to further their career and/or their financial status.  When this happens the person is often compromised.  Of course, that is why some politicians end up in legal troubles.

There is another danger for anyone involved in the political world.  You can start to believe your own publicity and the advice and accolades given by your advisors.  A prime example is the people in Congress.  Washington D.C. is not known as the swamp just because it sounds clever.  It is very hard to ignore the media and your colleagues when you are in Congress.  So many people are telling you how wonderful you are.  Your colleagues will go on and on about the traditions of the particular branch you are elected to.  If you are not careful you will begin to believe everything you hear. 

An excellent example of this process is the latest infrastructure bill that passed the Senate with all Democrats voting for it and 19 Republican Senators voting for it.  Many people in the country are shaking their head wondering what possessed these Republicans.  The infrastructure bill is loaded with pork and much unnecessary legislation which continues to centralize power in Washington D.C.

The infrastructure bill is a prime example of the difference between how Democrats and Republicans operate.  All Democrats voted for the infrastructure bill.  It is likely that there was not a great deal of pressure applied to get a unanimous vote. The 19 Republicans appeared to feel that they needed to get a bill through and that there were some good items in the legislation.  Sometimes, the best legislation is no legislation.

Republicans pride themselves on adhering to principles.  They will adhere to a principle even if the end result is disastrous.  One of the major differences between Republicans and Democrats is the pressure the party puts on members or candidates.  The Democrat Party is very good about not shooting itself  in the foot.  If there are disagreements between candidates or too many candidates for the same seat the party steps in and usually takes care of the issue. 

Republicans are very proud of standing up for their beliefs so that if some people decide to run one or two candidates against another Republican the party rarely gets involved.  Democrats rarely allow such infighting.  They take care of the problem and unite behind one person.  That is how their agenda moves forward.

You might say: wait a minute.  We need to stand on principle and fight for the freedom to speak our mind.  The point is petty personal issues do not further the agenda and the principles of the Republican Party.  Those personal issues only dilute the strength of the Party. Democrats don’t do that.  For the majority of the time their battles are carried on where no one else can see them.  Is this a principled method?  Maybe.  Maybe not.  It does help them win elections and votes on issues. 

One thing Nancy Pelosi said is true.  Democrats don’t agonize.  They organize.  They are involved in NGOs, corporations, school boards, local city councils, Houses of Worship, unions, industries and now the military.  Waving the flag is nice.  Working to get Republicans elected is far more important and harder.  Republicans need to unite and get busy doing the hard work of politics.   

Politics can present a real dilemma.  When to stand on principle, when to keep quiet and how to keep the agenda moving forward.  It is not for the weak minded and the faint of heart. 

True and lasting success in the political world requires players who know themselves very well,  who understand human nature and who are prepared to work.  Talk won’t win the day





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