Newsletter - April 2019

Well, have you decided what group you belong to?  Are you white, black, Hispanic, Asian, gay, transgender, LGB or don’t you know?  In the world today, you must belong to some group or there is something very much the matter with you.  If you don’t identify with some group you are a rebel and must be squashed.  To listen to some people you must have something very wrong with you if you don’t go along with the group mania that has taken over in the western world.

What has occurred since the 1960’s is a move toward acceptance of the Politics of Division.  Shelby Steele, author and documentary film producer states that a conviction flowered in the 1960’s which was that America’s magnificent founding principles were not enough to ensure a free and morally legitimate society.  Issues such as civil rights, women’s rights and the Vietnam War became moral issues.  The conclusion drawn was that freedom itself requires a moral as well as a constitutional underpinning.  Suddenly, every part of our lives including institutions, politics and cultural life had to be morally accountable.

Could this change be the reason that every group is suspect of not being moral?  Our country’s founders are denigrated and dismissed.  Of course, they were not perfect.  They made mistakes especially when compared to current day standards.  Therefore, they must go into the dust bin of history.  Down come all the statues.  Rewrite the history books.

Rename school mascots.  It is essential that any imperfection is blotted out. 

The 1960’s produced all of the “good” ideas to counter the immorality of a previous age.  Therefore, we had the Great Society, the War on Poverty, forced busing, public housing, affirmative action and on and on. 

The latest bright idea from the confused folks is that in order to save the environment we must get rid of “toxic masculinity.”  This of course is an attack on men and their supposed problems.  Isn’t it interesting how all problems always have their root cause in men, especially white men? 

Does identity politics benefit anyone?  Aha! Of course.  Democrats are doubling down on identity politics as a top focus for the 2020 elections.  A new group called the FiveThirtyEight polling aggregation site is named after the number of electors in the Electoral College.  This group is chanting that President Trump got no net approval bounce after the end of the Mueller probe. 

On their site the FiveThirtyEight group has an article titled, “Why Identity Politics Could Be Good Politics for Democrats In 2020.”  The site states that there is a lot of data and political science research “for Democrats to talk a lot about equality and identity issues.”  The goal is to win the election by turning out a winning plurality of nonwhite voters and white people with college degrees.

So, the left is prepared to divide Americans as much as possible in order to win elections.  Does this help the country?  Of course not.  Who cares?  Winning is the goal.

Rational thinkers might ask why can’t the left and many Democrat candidates actually present a program which discusses issues and possible solutions.  Instead, virtually all candidates present every socialist idea that has not worked in other countries and then accuse their opponent of every vile activity.  That is especially true when they refer to the President.  What is almost humorous are the statements made regarding what Donald Trump did 20 years ago.  Of course, these same candidates do not want any discussion of their past activities.

You might ask what is the goal of the Politics of Division?  There are possibly two answers.  First of all, there are people who genuinely believe that if they can get all kinds of laws passed that will fix all of our problems life will be better for everyone.  We just need to toe the line.

However, there are other people who see this strategy as a means of being in control.  The “elite” never actually live by the laws that affect the average citizen.  For example, members of Congress who rail against the second amendment and wish to deny average citizens the right to bear arms do not have to worry about security (Unless you are a Republican playing softball) since there are guards at the capitol and there is additional security often available.  They also don’t worry a great deal about gas prices since when they are in Washington very few of them drive.  They also have a different health plan than what is available to the average citizen. 

People with a great deal of money and influence always figure out a way to live with or get around some of the draconian laws that Democrats have passed or want to pass.  For example, when Michael Bloomberg was Mayor of New York he wanted average citizens to not be allowed to own or carry fire arms.  Of course, at the same time Michael Bloomberg traveled around the city with his security guards.  He undoubtedly believed that his life is more important than that of the average New Yorker. 

The Politics of Division is insidious and divisive.  To fight against it takes an incredible amount of courage.  That is why people need to band together and speak out.  One person becomes a target.

Freedom loving people are going to have to decide if they are ready to fight or are they just going to roll over and quietly disappear.  We are at a turning point in our country’s history.  Vigilance and courage are the order of the day.

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