Newsletter - October 2021


When a prominent liberal who has advised Democrat candidates speaks out against the restrictions that have appeared since the COVID-19 pandemic it is time to listen.

Naomi Wolf, a Rhodes scholar who is an outspoken feminist, has a great deal to say about the restrictions on religious faith that have occurred since the beginning of the pandemic. Church services were closed.  In the United States it took a Supreme Court decision to allow church services to resume. 

Wolf suggests that the attacks on the right to worship that have emerged during the past year are a signal of something much darker.  “Tyrants on the left and the right, totalitarian states, always go after churches and synagogues and mosques, always try to target outspoken clergy… and target the idea of faith because that’s where people derive strength and community from.”

“Daily Clout” is Wolf’s platform which she started to enable everybody to “pass legislation and run for office, not just elites or the insiders.,”

In 2008, Wolf wrote a book titled The End of America.  In that book she outlined 10 steps to fascism.  She listed “Emergency Law” as the 10th step.  Massachusetts, New York and California all have “emergency” law.  This is Wolf’s list of the Five Freedoms. 

The Five Freedoms

--- No Emergency Law

--- No Mask Mandate

--- Freedom to Assemble

--- No Vaccine Passport

--- Open the schools


One of Wolf’s major concerns is the concept of “vaccine passport.”  She states very clearly:

“Vaccine passport” sounds like a fine thing if you don’t understand what these platforms can do.  I’m the CEO of a tech company.  I understand what this platform does.  It is not about the

vaccine or the virus.  It is about your data.  What people need to understand is that any other functionality can be loaded onto that platform with no problem at all.  What that means is that  can be merged with your Paypal account and digital currency.  Microsoft is talking about merging it with payment plans.  Your networks can be sucked up. It geolocates you wherever you go.  All of your medical history can be included – this has already happened in Israel.”

Wolf goes on to say that IBM has a horrible history with Nazi Germany.  IBM had punchcards that allowed the Nazis to keep lists.  Those lists were kept in such a way that they could round up Jews, dissidents and opposition leaders.  She asks: How does China keep a billion people under the thumb of a totalitarian regime.  The Chinese Communist Party can find any dissident in five minutes. 

Given what is going on in the United States currently, Wolf’s fears are not anything to dismiss. Many communities and states are requiring proof of vaccination in order for people to work or to participate in daily life such as going to a restaurant.  In Los Angeles, proof of vaccination is required to shop at a grocery store. 

The new Governor in New York is dismissing hospital workers who have not had the vaccine.  She totally ignores that fact that these same workers performed their duties in 2020 in the hospitals when there was no vaccine.  She is bringing in National Guard members to work in the hospitals.  Of course, that means that these persons will not be performing their regular duties.  This is the same Governor who wears a necklace that says “vaxed.”  Tucker Carlson refers to this as the new religion. 

The record of vaccinations is a part of a person’s medical record.  It is really no one’s business to casually ask everyone they come in contact with if they are vaccinated. 

What has been very strange about this entire pandemic is the belief that being vaccinated is not enough.  Everyone else has to be vaccinated also in order for your vaccination to work.  Since 70% of Americans are vaccinated, it would seem that the unvaccinated are not a threat.  Instead, the frenzy to get everyone vaccinated with a vaccine passport has increased. 

The most amazing issue with all of the virus is the ignorance or refusal of many in the medical profession to use the remedies that are available to recover from the virus.  The misinformation and outright lies are unreal.  In 2020, India was very hard hit by the virus and the death rate was high. Doctors started using Ivermectin and other medications and the death rate plummeted.  Unfortunately, there are physicians, hospitals and some drug outlets in this country that will not use the remedies that are available.  It is most unfortunate when politics enters the medical field.  In fact, Joe Biden cut the federal supply of Regeneron’s version of the coronavirus fighting drug by more than half that was to be sent to Florida for patient treatment.  Governor DeSantis had to negotiate directly with pharmaceutical company GlaxoSmithKline for the monoclonal antibody treatment needed by Floridians.  

Our June newsletter discussed the Great Reset.  This is the program that a group of very wealthy people in the world want to impose on the rest of mankind.  The pandemic has come in very handy.  People’s freedom is severely curtailed.  Freedom of movement is limited unless a person is vaccinated.  Once you are vaccinated you are in the data base. 

One of the goals of the Great Reset is to have control of the money flow.  This is probably one of the reasons that there is a major move from the Biden administration to change how money is handled from the way it has always been managed.  Joe Biden has proposed creating a new comprehensive financial account information regime that would require the disclosure of any business or personal account transaction that exceeds $600.  Besides including bank, loan and investment accounts of virtually every individual and business it would also include third-party providers like Venmo, CashApp and PayPal.  In order to reach this goal, Joe Biden wants to hire 87,000 IRS agents.  Some people might prefer to refer to them as spies as opposed to IRS agents.

How does the average American deal with all of this?  Get involved!  Pay attention to who you vote for.  Start paying attention to your local politics.  Behave the way a true patriot of the United States of America behaves.  This country and our constitution are a gift from God. America must survive.  It is the duty of every American to make that happen.


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