Newsletter - March 2019

There is quite a clown show going on in Washington as the Democrats in the House try to overthrow a legally elected President.  After listening to convicted liar Michael Cohen they have moved on to requesting all kinds of information from 81 persons who have worked or are working in the Trump administration.  A question must be asked.  Has Congress nothing else to do?  They apparently do not have important legislation to write and pass. The major legislation they have passed (H.R.1) is an attempt to federalize all elections.  Were they sent to Washington to harass a legally elected President?  For some voters on the left that is what they believe has to be done.  They cannot tolerate the fact that Donald Trump legitimately won the presidency.  It is interesting to note that the stronger the President becomes, the left has increased the volume and the names that they call Mr. Trump. 

Now, with all the media attention on Washington D.C., people in California might be forgetting the show going on in Sacramento.  The Sacramento Bee thinks things are going well for Gavin Newson and the Democrats. When the media is on your side that might appear to be the case.  However, with a super majority of Democrats in the legislature, you just have to know that there will be many freedom restricting bills that will be passed.  Already, over 2000 bills have been introduced in this session.

There is a greater issue beyond the side shows going on in Washington and Sacramento. Before getting into a much deeper issue it is necessary to point out that most people who vote Republican are people who want to live their lives, work, raise their families and let other people live their lives.  Therefore, many Republicans do not get deeply involved in political issues.  Committed Democrats on the other hand are working 24/7 to move their agenda.

This difference is being highlighted now with the mantra being expressed by many Democrats in Congress.  We suddenly have a push for socialism.  Socialism is going to solve all of society’s problems.  What has happened in Venezuela doesn’t matter.  In fact, some Democrat leaders deny that socialism in Venezuela has destroyed that country.

This is not the first time that there has been a call for socialism.  Following are some quotes from Economist Milton Friedman regarding society and the economy.  In 1975 Friedman observed that collectivism is the natural way in which man has moved throughout history.  “Tyranny, misery and dictatorship” have been the norm he said with few exceptions.

Friedman also said: “I want people to take thought about their conditions and to recognize that the maintenance of a free society is a very difficult and complicated thing.  It requires a self-denying ordinance of the most extreme kind.”

Friedman also said that maintaining a voluntary system “requires a willingness to put up with temporary evils on the basis of the subtle and sophisticated understanding that if you step in and try to do something, you not only will make them worse, but you will spread their tentacles and get bad results elsewhere.”  He noted that the advantage collectivism has is that the argument for it is simple.  If somebody is in trouble, get Mr. X to help them out.

Now the argument for voluntary cooperation for a free market is not so simple. Friedman noted that if you allow people to cooperate voluntarily and don’t interfere with them, indirectly, through the operation of the market, they will improve matters more than you can do directly by appointing somebody.

Economist Thomas Sowell is very concerned that Americans may not resist the “siren song” of socialism.  He recalls Milton Friedman’s warning of the inevitable “drift” toward collectivism that any society with a free enterprise system must constantly battle.  Sowell noted that time and again, people adopt willful ignorance of socialism’s global track record. 

Sowell states that “I do have a great fear that, in the long run, we may not make it.  I hate to say that.  The one thing that keeps me from being despairing is that we don’t know.  There are so many things that we can’t possibly know.  And so, we may make it, but I wouldn’t bet on it.”

Many Americans are in agreement with Dr. Sowell.  Many other Americans are not paying attention.  That is the danger.  So many of our schools have been taken over by the left that most students have no idea how a socialist country really works or doesn’t work.  They hear that socialist Sweden and Denmark are wonderful.  They have no idea that these countries have money from the capitalist part of their economies and this money makes the socialist part of the economy work. 

This is the concern.  Let’s go back to how many Republicans react to the political side of life.  They just want to live their life.  They are not interested in making everyone live the way they live.  The other side however, is very clear about their objectives. 

  1. Change the government in the United States.
  2. Have an economy where the government takes care of everything and everyone.
  3. End the support for religion in the country.
  4. Weaken the family structure.

To anyone paying attention our system of government is under attack.  To go back to what is happening in Washington:  the Democrat House could not even get a vote to condemn the anti-Semitic statements of one of their new members.  They had to create a convoluted statement about not saying bad things about other groups.  They totally ignored the real problem of new House members who are blasting our country, denigrating Israel and pushing for a socialist society.  Hate for Donald Trump has morphed into radical political changes.

If Republicans, Conservatives and rational Democrats care about what is going on in the United States they need to get involved and start fighting back against the insanity that is all around us.  There are people today who want to fundamentally change America.  The following statement applies to any group.  Are the people who want to preserve the American way of life going to apply it to themselves?


It does not require a majority to prevail but rather an irate, tireless minority keen to set brush fires in people’s minds.

Samuel Adams


It is time to fight.  Come join us!

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