.JUNE 2023

Controversy in Petaluma!

It appears that battle lines are drawn.  Should Dutra Materials, an asphalt company, be allowed to build an asphalt plant just south of Petaluma’s city limit bordering the Petaluma River.  This 38 acre area is known as Haystack Landing and contains sensitive wetlands.  Many local residents have fought this project and many people thought the controversy was over.  However, the Dutra Group which is the San Rafael parent company of the asphalt maker and aggregate supplier Dutra Materials, is still pushing to get the project approved. 

13 years ago the Sonoma County Board of Supervisors approved the project on a 3 to 2 vote.  However, the project then became caught up in the permitting process. 

Dutra’s position on the project:

  • It will restore wetlands.
  • Bolster climate resilience.
  • Keep economy moving for future generations.
  • Changes to plan will incorporate flood control, fire prevention and preservation of local source of construction materials

Local environmentalists are calling the new plan a “greenwashing campaign.”  They also state   that the project does not belong on the Petaluma River.

The back and forth on this project is extensive and no final decisions have been made.  Supervisor David Rabbitt confirmed that the county is still in conversations with Dutra. 

This is a very complicated issue and citizens need to be aware of the various arguments and positions.

No one would have crossed the ocean if they could have gotten off the ship in the storm.

Charles Kettering

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