Newsletter - March 2021

Alright.  It is time to own up to it.  Are you a racist?  Do you believe in Cancel Culture? Do you realize that Mr. Potato Head and the Muppets are very bad influences in our world?  Did you know that a three month old baby can develop signs of racism?  Dr. Seuss had some inappropriate drawings in some of his books.  Cancel Dr. Seuss.  

Supreme Court Justice Clarence Thomas is not a good person according to Amazon so his DVD has been removed from Amazon.  Congressional Representatives Anna Eshoo and Jerry McNerney are trying to keep networks that have conservatives on removed from the television package people can sign up for (Fox News, News Max and One America News).  Facebook will add corrections to your posts if some minion working at Facebook disagrees with your post.  Twitter removes the President of the United States but has no problem keeping the Ayatollah of Iran on the page although the Ayatollah is constantly writing about the evil United States.  Transgender women with the anatomy of men insofar as muscle mass is concerned can now compete in women’s sports which decimates chances for women to win in sports competitions. There are grievances all over.  Wait.  Get rid of the guns.  80 Million gun owners are a threat to the ruling class.  Don’t forget that math is now racist.  The CPAC conference stage was set up with a Nazi configuration.  The list goes on and on.

Another very sad result of all this canceling is the story of Aunt Jemima.  The original Aunt Jemima started the company which became a very successful operation.  The picture on the bottle was changed in recent years so that Aunt Jemima was now portrayed as a young black woman.  That is not acceptable.  Aunt Jemima has been cancelled.  However, Aunt Jemima’s family was not happy with this move.  They apparently were proud of what their ancestor had accomplished.

Let’s return to the first question.  Are you a racist?  Is it the truth that only white people are racists?  Are all white people living a great life just because of the color of their skin? Oh, wait!  All white people are not living a great life.  What could be the reason?

Today’s culture is the result of what happens when leftists gain control of the education system. These are people who want to radically change the country and the system of a free government which exists in the United States.  Ignorance is what happens.  Ignorance of the country’s history: Ignorance of the development of human history: Ignorance of worldwide events which should be a lesson for everyone.  Without facts and knowledge decisions tend to be made strictly on an emotional level.  Emotion is rarely a strong basis for making a good decision.  In the United States today we are watching the result of ignorance.

When the colonization of the United States started slaves were being sent to Brazil and other areas of the Western Hemisphere.  Slavery was not outlawed in most of the world. Nations that imported slaves could never have captured the number of Africans that were sold unless other African tribes had gone into the interior of Africa to capture people and sell them to the slave traders.  There always were people in America who objected to the slave trade and fought against it.  The issue of slavery was so important that 600,000 people died in the Civil War in order to end slavery in the United States.  

Cancel Culture is being used today under the guise of stopping racism.  Unfortunately, there is another reason for this movement.  Cancel Culture destroys the foundation of our country. When close to half of the country is being cancelled and there is constant disagreement and strife among citizens, the nation is weakened.  As our history is destroyed fewer Americans understand the greatness of America.  We are therefore not united against a common enemy and we do have a common enemy.  There are nations around the world that are working to weaken and destroy the United States.  They don’t like the idea of individual freedom and the ability of citizens to live their life as they see fit.  They especially don’t like the fact that freedom is what ultimately makes a nation rich, strong and independent.

When it comes to minority citizens it might be good for all who believe that they are being discriminated against to remember a few things.  If there are legitimate grievances, there are legal processes to pursue.  Another very important thing to remember are the words of Shelby Steele.  EMBRACE YOUR FREEDOM.  Take advantage of the opportunities that are available in the United States. Unfortunately, we have schools and groups that are encouraging children to interact and only interact with people of their own race.  This is a control issue used by people who want to be in charge.  More division! 

We are currently in a very difficult time with a President who preaches unity and then takes actions that are anything but unifying.  Opening the border to thousands of persons coming into the United States, many of them with Coronavirus and with no place to live is not unifying.  These actions hurt the lives of all Americans. Apparently, busloads of these travelers are also being sent to other states besides Texas such as New Jersey.  American citizens should be the first priority and responsibility of the United States government.

The other issue that is being foisted upon Americans are the actions of the President and the Democrat controlled Congress.  The House of Representatives has passed HR 1 which is a major assault on states rights and the Constitution.  It attempts to alter election law contrary to what is in the United States Constitution regarding who has control of elections.  It aims to give election control to Congress and decimate states rights.  

Question:  With all the social media going on and on about Cancel Culture and systemic racism how much attention is being paid to legislation, elections and getting past the pandemic?  There is a great deal of chatter much of which is just that: chatter. We don’t have to comment on every thing that happens on social media.

Always remember one thing. The “ruling class” which is busy telling us all how to live and making sure we never say the wrong thing, will always live well and not be affected by the difficulties of normal life.  

Freedom is not something that you can purchase and put on a shelf and keep forever.  Freedom has to be guarded and fought for all of the time. There will always be people and forces that want control and will do all that is possible to restrict or deny freedom. That is why Americans and all freedom loving people must be alert and ready to fight for that basic human right: the ability to live your life as you see fit as long as you are not harming other people.  

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