Newsletter - December 2019

Our nation is at a very critical time in its history.  It is apparent that many people do not understand this.  This entire impeachment charade which was planned before the inauguration in 2017 is not an example of a legislative body following the constitution. It is an example of the constitution being manipulated and used for the benefit of one political party.  That is how nations are destroyed. 

Regarding the facts of the impeachment matter as to the phone call to the Ukrainian Prime Minister it has become clear that the President did not lie and aid was not withheld unless Ukraine investigated Hunter Biden.  What the entire Ukrainian episode has demonstrated is the negotiations that go on all the time with Presidents and foreign leaders.  The corruption that Hunter Biden and the previous government of Ukraine were involved in should have been investigated. 

Impeachment of a President is a major attack on the foundations of our republic.  Was the impeachment of President Clinton a good thing?  Opinions vary as to the damage it did to the country.  However, President Clinton was found guilty of lying under oath and did loose his law license. The Democrat Party did not suffer at the polls because of the impeachment. 

Richard Nixon’s resignation from the presidency may have seemed a wonderful thing to many on the left but the country was shaken by the whole procedure.  President Nixon had been elected in a land slide just one year and a half earlier. 

The testimony of many of the state department employees at the impeachment inquiry hearings revealed a number of things.  These people are knowledgeable and work hard. However, it also became apparent that some of them believe that they are the people who should formulate and carry out foreign policy for the United States.  It appeared that some of these career people were annoyed that the duly elected President of the United States is the person who develops and carries out the country’s foreign policy.  This conflict is especially true if the President does not agree with their views. 

The manner in which Adam Schiff and the intelligence committee carried on this inquiry is reminiscent of a dictatorial regime that has the results of an investigation already determined.  Republicans could only call witnesses that Adam Schiff approved of.  Some of the witnesses the Republicans wanted to question were denied by the Democrats.  Therefore, this was not a true inquiry.  Nonetheless, in spite of the obstacles, the Republicans on the committee were able to ask questions that invalidated most of the Democrat testimony. However, the Democrats are moving on with impeachment.  Jerald Nadler will now take up the gavel.    

A major tragedy that has been highlighted since Donald Trump became President is the absolute failure of the mainstream media.  What has been exposed by all of the “reporting” of the mainstream media is that true journalism is very rare today, especially on the major television and radio media and in print publications.  You cannot watch CNN and even think of the word journalism.  Every statement is an indictment of Donald Trump and Republicans.  The same thing occurs on MSNBC.  The mainstream media including ABC, NBC and CBS manage to color the news in a manner that is a negative to Donald Trump and Republicans.  Totally false stories are printed in the New York Times and the Washington Post.  There are rarely any corrections printed.  The minute an aware reader sees the byline of a story, they will know the conclusion of the piece.  The other amazing and regular event is how a story may be fairly accurate but there has to be a sentence in it that takes a shot at the President.  There always has to be an adjective that is an attack on the President.  It seems that leftists cannot report on a story without throwing in a blast at the President.

Another very interesting fact is that certain words are the word of the day.  Every station uses the word in their stories.  When and from where did the memo come out that this is the word of the day?  As you watch you become convinced that an e-mail or a fax went out saying this is the word to use about Donald Trump today. 

Ultimately there is the question.  Is the mainstream media working for the Democrat Party or is the Party working under the direction of the media?  Whichever it is there is just one result.  Journalism has disappeared.  It has been overcome by hate for the President and the fact that he won the election over the person that was going to solidify the policies of Barack Obama.  Do not waste your time telling everyone what a terrible person Donald Trump is.  How quickly we forget the shenanigans of the Clinton White House and all of the events that occurred while Hillary Clinton was Secretary of State. People died during that period and a lot of money made its way into the Clinton Foundation.  The mainstream media has conveniently forgotten those facts.

Let us pray for the day when “journalists” learn what their real job is.  It might also improve their ratings.  The loss of the Fourth Estate is a tragedy for our country.  It is a major reason that freedom is lost.  Let’s remember that when a dictatorial government takes over a country a free press is the first thing to go.


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