Newsletter - May 2024


If you are an even semi- conscious person, you are probably wondering what on earth is going on in the United States of America.  Since 2021 we have more than 10 Million unvetted people coming across our borders with many of them being military aged men.  We have riots and demonstrations at our colleges and universities, very young children are having radical surgeries that are forever changing their lives and government is controlling more and more of our daily lives. 

A thinking person might ask:  has anything like this ever happened before?  If you know any history, of course, the answer is yes.


Let’s take a look at the plan of the Russian group titled KGB.  The translation for the Russian words KGB is Committee for State Security. The plan of the KGB is ideological subversion.  The goal is to sow the collapse of America and Western Europe.


  •  Demoralization       It takes 15 to 20 years to re-educate one generation.                                           That means Marxist ideology is introduced into schools                                     with minimal emphasis on American values, patriotism                                      and morals.  Accurate  information will not be a part of                                     the curriculum.  Currently, the internet and cell phones                                     are playing a major role in disseminating inaccurate                                           and negative information.


  •  Destabilization         It takes 2 to 5 years to destabilize a nation. This is                                              accomplished  via the economy, foreign relations and                                        defense policy.  We currently have wars breaking out all                                    over, countries that  pay no attention to the positions of                                      the United States and a weaker armed forces that are                                          focused on Diversity, Equity and  Inclusion as opposed                                      to military readiness. 


  •  Crisis                          It can take as little as 6 weeks to bring a nation to crisis.                                       Remember the situation in the country after George                                             Floyd’s  death.  Riots were breaking out all over                                                   America. The Black Lives  Movement created havoc.                                         How about a pandemic that shut down the                                                           country specially our schools?


  • Normalization             Very negative events are accepted as the norm.  Very                                           questionable theories are accepted as correct.  A prime                                         example is the idea of humanity controlling the                                                   climate.  This very weak  theory of Climate Change is                                         taught in schools and is believed by many people.                                               Laws are passed based on saving the planet which                                               actually restrict the choices for citizens.  Normalizing                                         how people  who are not on the side of the government                                       are treated is another step.  Consider the people who                                           went to the Capitol on January 6th.  Many are in jail                                             and often in solitary confinement for being                                                           on the capitol grounds and expressing opinions counter                                       to the official government position.  Defund the police                                         has become a  rallying cry in many parts of the country. 

 As things get worse, George Soros financed District Attorneys and   prosecutors manage a two-tiered legal system.  The federal   government does everything possible to stop state efforts to secure   order.  Cities cut services to citizens and veterans.  The money is   given to people who have entered the country illegally.  Suddenly,   we have demonstrations at colleges regarding the situation in   Israel.  Professional demonstrators are now embedded in colleges   and leading the demonstrations.  The situations are truly absurd   when some schools cannot end these demonstrations.  Schools in   red states don’t let the demonstrations get started. 


American Marxists proclaim that “Christian Nationalism” is an existential threat to the country.  These Marxists define Christian Nationalism as “an ideology that asserts all civic life in the United States should be organized according to a particularly conservative and ethnocentric expression of Christianity.”  (Note: there are people meeting in Sonoma County concerned about the influence of Christians.)

Throughout history there have been groups of people who are convinced that the state is paramount and therefore the source of all human rights.  Based on that theory, it follows that granting, limiting or ending rights is the sole right of the state.  However, if you believe that inalienable rights come from God then you do not believe that the state has the right to limit those rights. 

Throughout history the United States is the only nation that was founded on a political and social philosophy based on natural or God given rights.  Those rights are life, liberty, self-preservation and property.  Without the right to own property there is no freedom.  Our Founders believed that property rights did not just refer to physical property but also life, labor, speech and the right to earn a living.  When a person does not have the freedom to make a choice regarding these rights then there is no freedom. 

The world is facing an onslaught of governments wanting to restrict and abolish basic human rights.  It will take the participation, work and involvement of freedom loving citizens to stop this onslaught.  Here are some basic ways to be a part of the solution.

  1.  Know the issues. 
  2.  Pay attention to what is going on.
  3.  Get involved in your local community.


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